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I'm John Shapiro, and here is my more "standard" bio i.e. a set of info about my education and work experience: I have 5+ years experience in nonprofit, leadership & coaching work, 10+ years as an educator, 15+ years in technology and 25+ years in the arts. I hold a B.A. in Music and Certificate in the Authentic Leadership from Naropa University, and I also attended Berklee College of Music and University of Colorado - Boulder. Additionally, I was a fellow at the Center for Progressive Leadership in 2011. I've been an active social entrepreneur, creating various greater good projects since 2008. I've run a successful music instruction small business since 2004, during which time I developed awesome, innovative, practical methodologies for teaching voice and guitar. I worked as a software engineer from 1999 to 2003, contracting with clients such as HP, Visa and Bank of America. I'm an artist that's been involved in many creative projects over the years including co-writing/producing an original theater piece, recording original music and creating & performing with various bands, and a member of a Playback Improv Theater Group. Currently, I'm in a band called the Unsiblings.

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